I cannot possibly begin to express my sincere gratitude for the wonderful care provided by each and every member of your staff.

Best wishes for your future.  I am certain you will continue to touch the lives of all children fortunate enough to be in your care.

Dear Pooh Bear,

There really aren’t words to describe how we feel about our 8 years at Pooh Bear, we are so happy and proud our boys were able to experience their lives at Pooh Bear.

We thank you for being a part of our family, for involving yourselves in our lives, for reassuring us, for helping us and for supporting us when we needed it.

I cannot recommend a better place for children.  We tell everyone we know how great Pooh Bear and it’s staff is.

Thank you for giving us a place that became a part of our family.

Dear Pooh Bear Staff,

To write in a letter how much I appreciate your kind, knowledgeable and most patient staff will be nearly impossible!  The entire staff is warm, affectionate and extremely dedicated to the needs of the children (and parents).

I couldn’t help but to notice the vast difference in Pooh Bear than any other facility.  The children’s capacity for learning is amazing.  I have noticed that Pooh Bear has created a tremendous learning environment, which is impossible to compare anywhere else.  The children are extremely advanced at Pooh Bear.

During these crucial years, it was very important for me to have him in an environment where he gain as much as possible rather than primarily consisting mostly of free play.  At Pooh Bear, that was certainly the case.

Your professional ways and the longevity of your employment speak very highly of the happiness you feel in your positions.  From a mother’s standpoint, that truly allows us to be at ease while working.

How can I say thank you?1  For countless hours of holding and rocking my babies, for umpteen diaper changes, for patience with toddlers.  For reading stories and playing games, for hugs and smiles, all of these things and more you’ve done.  Thank you for being such a special part of their lives (and ours).

It makes a parent’s job much easier to know that their child is in great hands during the day and learning so much!